Mary Morrissey Presents

A Program That Will Enrich Your Congregants’ Lives, AND Your Church Tithes!

Prosperity Plus is the perfect program if you’re a minister wanting to:

  • Raise Funds
  • Grow Your Church
  • Give Your Congregation Powerful Prosperity Principles
  • Support Prosperity Consciousness Worldwide!

This cutting edge program by speaker and minister, Rev. Mary Morrissey, shows individuals how to create abundance in every area of their life, how to open up to new wealth possibilities, and at the same time support their church as they tithe 10% of their income during the course.

Your Church Will Experience:

  • A popular wealth program that creates a buzz among participants
  • A tithing program that is engaging, dynamic, and fun for your congregants
  • An increased and reliable stream of money for your church during the program
  • Congregants with expanded awareness of and commitment to the power of tithing

...So they make tithing a priority year after year!

Participants Will Discover:

  • A proven method to unlock new financial energy and resources
  • How to attract more abundance, effortlessly!
  • Wealth they already have that they don’t even know they have
  • How to release their blocks to living with more ease and flow
  • How to create a vision for the life of their dreams that includes wealth in every area of their lives from relationships and health to career and living their purpose

What Is Prosperity Plus?

Mary Morrissey

Prosperity Plus is a dynamic, easy-to-instruct, video based 10-week program that teaches a new way of living centered on the spiritual practices of an abundant life! In this program, Mary Morrissey teaches you how to positively impact your congregants in a way that allows them to move from fear, scarcity, and limited thinking to a life full of possibility, prosperity and promise.

Throughout this course your students will discover the 10 universal laws that govern an abundant life and will be given the opportunity and encouragement to put these universal laws into daily practice.

Mary Morrissey has tested this 10-week experiment, and it has proven to be the catalyst for greater self-awareness, deeper spiritual practice, more meaningful relationships, financial increase, and stronger self-esteem. AND your congregants will spend time focusing on living their purpose and giving their biggest gifts to the world.

When they complete the program, they will have made new friends and feel more committed and connected to your church than ever before.

Prosperity Plus Makes EVERYTHING EASY For You:

  • It’s Easy to Teach!

    You get everything you need to teach this powerful course. When you sign up, you’ll receive a complete instructors kit which includes: A DVD (video) of Mary Morrissey teaching the prosperity lesson for each week, an instructor’s guidebook with outlines, teaching points, and discussion questions for each class. As the senior minister you can teach this course yourself, or you can have an associate minister, qualified practitioner, or church leader teach this course.

  • It’s Easy to Fill!

    Mary Morrissey and our experienced team, help you fill your Prosperity Plus classes by giving you a full set of marketing materials, bulletin blurbs, pre-written emails to send to your list, a special video announcement from Mary Morrissey to invite your congregants into the class, fliers, and newsletter ads! We have created everything you need to have a successful and thriving Prosperity Plus class.

  • It’s Easy to Repeat!

    Often there is a buzz created from Prosperity Plus, and congregants who didn’t take it are left wondering what they missed, and eager to sign up for the next time. And you will have everything you need to run this class again and again and get everyone on board who is enthusiastic about the new discoveries to be made!

So What Makes Prosperity Plus Different From Other Tithing Programs?


    Prominent churches across the Nation are saying, "Prosperity Plus is a new program for a new time!" Students understand the concept of tithing on a new level and are motivated to continue the giving when they see tangible results in their lives.

  • It’s FUN:

    Yes, this course is a blast to take and even more fun to teach! The videos and exercises take participants on a journey of creating their best possible life. They will walk away with a vision for their lives, as well as the inspiration to give their gifts and live their purpose.

  • It Really WORKS:

    Prosperity Plus doesn’t just teach your congregants about tithing, it outlines and explains the universal laws of prosperity that come into play for them when they start living from an attitude of giving. They will understand the fundamentals of exactly WHY tithing works to bring about more abundance, and they will be devoted to this practice for 10 full weeks so they will start seeing the results of their commitment DURING the class!

How Does Prosperity Plus Work?

Each participant begins the course by making a full commitment to the Prosperity Plus program.

This Commitment Includes:
  1. Attending each Prosperity Plus class for the 10-week series
  2. Daily contemplation of the prosperity principles
  3. Tithing their time and talent; approximately 4 hours per week
  4. Tithing 10% of their income to your church during the 10-week course.

Each week your students will gather with you in a supportive environment, for a dynamic lesson. The instructor will lead them in:

  • Reading together the Covenant for Prosperity Plus: A New Way of Living
  • Sharing successes from the previous week's experiment in their application of the abundance principles
  • Watching the interactive video lesson of the current week’s teaching
  • Participating in an exercise to anchor and deepen the learning
  • Receiving the tithes for the week
  • Assigning the next week's simple but, highly effective practice

What does the Prosperity Plus program include?

When you sign up for the Prosperity Plus course you are given everything you need to succeed. Your Prosperity Plus materials include:

Instructor’s Package
  • An easy-to-follow instructor’s guide complete with week-by-week lessons, processes, and questions to lead your class through spirited discussions and positive breakthroughs.
  • A 10-set DVD series (one DVD for each class) from best-selling author and master teacher Mary Morrissey. Each week your students will see an engaging lesson from Mary Morrissey and her faculty about that week’s prosperity principle helping them to anchor what they’ve learned and better understand how can apply these spiritual principles in new ways. Now you can have a world-class teacher, by your side, helping you to teach this life-giving course.
  • PLUS! You will receive one Participant Package, including the 18 audio CDs and the participant guidebook, as described below...
Teacher Kit
Student Kit
Participant's Package
  • The course curriculum for each student includes: 18 audio CDs, an interactive guidebook to reinforce the principles, learning, and life-changing insights.
Additional Class Material
  • Registration forms, a covenant agreement, and personal vision cards. Students feel supported and empowered when they write and carry their Dreams, and Goals on their personal Vision cards. Their dreams become realized as they listen to the daily teaching audios and put their lessons into action with their class homework. Also included is a surprise gift your students will LOVE!

(Download Not Available Here. Log Into Your Marketing Portal for Access.)

What Is the Investment?

  • Instructor’s package complete with 10 DVD's and instructor's guidebook (PLUS, one full participant package with 18 CD's and a participant guidebook) - $79
  • Participant's package complete with 18 CD’s, and guidebook - $49

The church agrees to pay LifeSOULutions a 10% share (a tithe/royalty) of the total amount tithed to the church by the participants during the Prosperity Plus program.

Includes Everything You Need for Marketing and Enrollment

The Nations top marketing and sales masters worked together to bring you the best, proven materials to market and fill your class! Included is thousands of dollars worth of marketing materials, copy writing, graphic design excellence, and genius sales & enrollment strategy!

Professional Marketing Materials to Promote the Course Include:
  • Gorgeously designed fliers and posters
  • A highly effective e-mail campaign
  • Pre-written powerful pulpit announcements
  • A pulpit video invitation by Mary Morrissey to show to your congregation, if you use video power point during service
  • Attractive bulletin blurbs
    …and more!

It’s Easy to Get Started!

Step 1

Simply click this button below to get registered. You’ll receive your instructor’s package, and Mary’s team will send you all the marketing materials you need to promote the course and make it a huge success for your church and congregation.

Get Registered and Order Your Instructor’s Package
Step 2

Order as many participant packages and additinal guide books as you want by clicking the buttons below. Or, once you know how many participants will be in the course come back and place your order then.

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What Ministers Are Saying:

My community has joined me in my love and enthusiasm for Prosperity Plus! Teaching this class is a joyous experience. Every time I teach the class, which has been many times, I have a large class of new students and students who take it repeatedly because they find it to be so rich and powerful. It grows people, expands consciousness and grows the financial flow of our community.


Rev. Dr. Michelle Medrano
Mile Hi Church of Religious Science
Denver, Colorado

CSL Palm Desert is over 40 years old and we’ve had many prosperity programs over the years. Only one has had a long-lasting effect – Prosperity Plus by Mary Morrissey. We’ve had more people continue to tithe after the program and sign up again as tithing members the following year than ever before. It works! All the tools are there. The marketing is already done for you. The workbook and assignments are completed.It’s a total package.


Dr. Joe Cooper
Center for Spiritual Living
Palm Desert, California

Offering Prosperity Plus in our church is like pouring miracle grow on the consciousness of our people and the income of our church. We offer this class three times a year. The results of this program are truly undeniable. We’ve seen it improve marriages, accelerate careers, increased finances and the manifestation of dreams that had been lying dormant for years.


Rev. Georgia Prescott
Center for Spiritual Awareness
Sacramento, California

What Participants Are Saying

Participating in this class has opened doors for me that have been shut for some time now.

Through tithing, unexpected income has been coming to me on a consistent basis getting me through each month where before I had no idea how I was going to manage. For example, my ex-husband had not been able to pay child support for over a year and a half. While I was enrolled in this class, he became able to pay. And my confidence has grown which is creating new opportunities. Thank you so much! I am grateful and feel very blessed.

Angela Garcia

I am so grateful and fortunate to have taken this journey in Prosperity Plus.

I feel more positive, happy, and peaceful as a result of this class, and I’m more excited about my life (current and future) than I have been in many years. Yay! Professionally, I have gone from last place on the sales team to the "top writer" and it’s been my best 2 months since starting this job 3 years ago. I am eager to continue my "dream career" and develop my next vocational step. Thank you so much Mary for sharing your wisdom, and thank you to Unity for making the class possible.

Claudia Johnson

I received money in the most unexpected way!

I have been working to manifest the money to go to Ireland for a group trip in September, believing it would happen, but it was not going according to my plans... I have been working harder and felt disappointed not manifesting the abundance as hoped for. I remembered Mary's story about tithing from Prosperity Plus and so I tithed 10% of one week’s check on Sunday. Tonight I got a phone call from strange number, which turned out to be a woman from social security in Chicago. She said she received my application this month, and then out of the blue told me, “I can offer you a lump sum retroactive to February if you wish...” which totals about 11,000$! Whoa! Wow! Thank you God!

Sheila Stokes

Who Is Mary Morrissey?

Mary Morrissey

Speaker, best-selling author, and consultant for over three decades, Mary Morrissey gives transformational talks and seminars that have made her one of the elite teachers in the human potential movement. Over the past 30 years, Mary Morrissey has helped churches fundraise millions of dollars and supported hundreds of ministers all over the country increase the reach of their ministry exponentially. While she built one of the largest New Thought Centers in the world, Mary is no stranger to mega success as well as massive failure. In 2004, Mary lost her church and everything she had worked for over the previous 25 years. After this crushing loss, Mary put the Prosperity Principles to the test. Starting from ground zero, and harnessing the Universal power of these spiritual laws, Mary rebuilt her success and great work in the world.

Mary Morrissey is the founder and CEO of LifeSOULutions, a successful international company providing life coach certification programs and products that teach visionaries how to become a life coach, and transform dreams into reality. Mary Morrissey has spoken at the United Nations, met with Nelson Mandela, lead meetings with the Dalai Lama, and authored two best-selling books, No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams. As a highly sought after inspirational speaker, executive coach, and ministry consultant, Mary has 30 years of experience empowering individuals in achieving new heights of spiritual aliveness, wealth, and authentic success. While she holds significant academic degrees, Mary says her two most important achievements are the two black belts she holds: one in success, and the other in failure.

Who Is Karen Joyce?

Karen Joyce

Karen Joyce was Mary's business partner in LifeSOULutions. She was an executive coach, successful business entrepreneur and dynamic motivational speaker. In 1999, inspired by the Columbine tragedy, Karen founded AKTNOW, a non-profit organization, creating Acts Of Kindness teams in high schools throughout the U.S. Karen lived by the principles and practices offered in this program every day of her life. Karen made her transition beautifully in the fall of 2011.

Ministers Who Have Shared Prosperity Plus With Their Communities


Dr. Andrea Asebedo

Dr. Bob Lukin

Dr. Carol Carnes

Dr. Dalia Adams

Dr. David Bruner

Dr. Helen Rao-Fischer

Dr. Jo Ann Lanning

Dr. Jonathan Ellerbe

Dr. Kathleen Johnson

Dr. Marion Wishall

Dr. Pat Campbell

Dr. Pattie Weber

Dr. Rev. Michelle Medrano

Dr. Sheila Anderson

Rev Judith Kennedy

Rev. Aaron Ayres

Rev. Abigail Schairer

Rev. Ahriana Platten

Rev. Alan Vukas

Rev. Alexandra Potash

Rev. Alice Carpenter

Rev. Alice Reid

Rev. Alison Benjamin

Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson

Rev. Anderiette Earl

Rev. Angela Denton

Rev. Anne Ahokangas

Rev. Anne Muelleman

Rev. Annette Olsen

Rev. April Kain-Breese

Rev. Arleen Bump

Rev. Arlene Meyer

Rev. Arpad Petrass

Rev. Audrey Bickford

Rev. Audrey Peterson

Rev. Audri Scott-Williams

Rev. Baine Palmer

Rev. Barbara Bue

Rev. Barbara Clevenger

Rev. Barbara Lunde

Rev. Barbara White

Rev. Barbara Winter Martin

Rev. Beth Head

Rev. Beth Jewett

Rev. Bethany Gonyea

Rev. Betty Ann Brennan

Rev. Betty Martin Lewis

Rev. Bev Spivey

Rev. Bill Arrott

Rev. Bill Marchiony

Rev. Blaine Tinsely

Rev. Blair Tabor

Rev. Bonnie Smith

Rev. Bradley Miller

Rev. Brandy Chabrol

Rev. Brenda Ehret

Rev. Brendalyn Batchelor

Rev. Brian Akers

Rev. C Dee Coy

Rev. Candice Becket

Rev. Candidating

Rev. Carla Ryan

Rev. Carol Lawson

Rev. Carol Record

Rev. Carole Anderson

Rev. Carole Mahaffey

Rev. Carolyn Douglas

Rev. Carolyn Harvill

Rev. Carolyn Simon

Rev. Carrie Masters

Rev. Catherine Klein

Rev. Cathy Norman

Rev. CC Coltrain

Rev. Celeste Frazier

Rev. Charlene Tupper

Rev. Charlotte McGinnis

Rev. Cherie Fisher

Rev. Cheryl Bell

Rev. Cheryl Jensen

Rev. Cheryl Rohret

Rev. Christopher Jackson

Rev. Chuck Hancock

Rev. Claire Middleton

Rev. Claudia Tambur

Rev. Cliff Rubin

Rev. Coco Ramos

Rev. Crystal Muldrow

Rev. Cynthia Cavalcanti

Rev. Cynthia Clair

Rev. Cynthia Grimes

Rev. Cynthia Leveque

Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster

Rev. Dale Jukes

Rev. Dale Worley

Rev. Dan Holloway

Rev. Dana Cummings

Rev. Darby Neptune

Rev. Darlene Strickland

Rev. David & Deborah Stork

Rev. David Ault

Rev. David Bell

Rev. David Leonard

Rev. David Robinson

Rev. David Torres

Rev. Dawna Mantei

Rev. Debby O’Donnell

Rev. Deborah O'Connor

Rev. Deidre Ashmore

Rev. Diana Dolce

Rev. Diana Isaac

Rev. Diana McDaniel

Rev. Diane Hockey

Rev. Diane Nockey

Rev. Diane Robinson

Rev. Diane Scribner Clevenger

Rev. Don Lansky

Rev. Donna Lind

Rev. Donna Loflin

Rev. Dotty Page

Rev. Doug Foglesong

Rev. Doug LeBow

Rev. Dr. Frankie Timmers

Rev. Dr. Sherry F. McCreary

Rev. Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus

Rev. Duke Tufty

Rev. Dusty Rippelmeyer

Rev. Dyann Woody

Rev. Ed Conrad

Rev. Ed Townley

Rev. Edith Washington

Rev. Edwin Tanzi

Rev. Eileen Patra

Rev. Elizabeth Longo

Rev. Elizabeth Marshall

Rev. Elizabeth Mirante

Rev. Elizabeth Mora

Rev. Elizabeth Rowley

Rev. Elizabeth Thompson

Rev. Elouise Oliver

Rev. Emile Gauvreau

Rev. Eric O’del

Rev. Erin Mccabe

Rev. Farolyn Mann

Rev. Frances Lorenz

Rev. Frankie Timmers

Rev. Gary Wines

Rev. Gay Beauregard

Rev. Gayle Dillon

Rev. Georgia Prescott

Rev. Ginny Kluth

Rev. Ginny Roll

Rev. Glenda Davis

Rev. Glenda Walden

Rev. Glenn Swain

Rev. Gordon Keyler

Rev. Greg Coles

Rev. Gregory Barrette

Rev. Gregory Guice

Rev. Heather Clark

Rev. Heidi Alfrey

Rev. Heidi Maloney

Rev. Helen Hollar

Rev. Howard Caesar

Rev. Ian Taylor

Rev. Iris Sauber

Rev. Jack Elliott

Rev. Jacqueline Mace

Rev. James Buchanan

Rev. James Edmund Turrell

Rev. James King

Rev. James Mellon

Rev. James Trapp

Rev. Jan Little

Rev. Jane Meyers Hiatt

Rev. Janet Lang

Rev. Janice Billera

Rev. Janie Kelley

Rev. Janis Farmer

Rev. Jayne Coley

Rev. Jayne Taggart

Rev. Jean-Marie Schweizer

Rev. Jeffery Anderson

Rev. Jennifer Berkeley

Rev. Jerry Farrell

Rev. Jerry Troyer

Rev. Jesse Jennings

Rev. Jill Brocklehurst

Rev. Jill Carey

Rev. Jim Lee

Rev. Jim Wyatt

Rev. Joan Gattuso

Rev. Joan McCall

Rev. JoAnn Lanning

Rev. Joanne Rowden

Rev. Jody Stevenson

Rev. Joe Hooper

Rev. John DePalma

Rev. John Moreland

Rev. John Strickland

Rev. Jon DeLuca

Rev. Jonathan Zenz

Rev. Joseph Niemiec

Rev. Josephine Smith

Rev. Josie De Los Santos

Rev. Joslyn Mason

Rev. Joyce Fisher Pierce

Rev. Juan Enrique Toro

Rev. Jude Campbell

Rev. Jude Denning

Rev. Judith A Blaise

Rev. Judith Churchman

Rev. Judith Marshall

Rev. Judy Morley

Rev. Judy Pilat

Rev. Juhlie Fancher

Rev. Julie Armour

Rev. Julie Lobato

Rev. Julie Montague

Rev. Julie Vance

Rev. Jyoti DeVernie

Rev. Karen Fry

Rev. Karen Hamilton

Rev. Karen Kushner

Rev. Karen Lindvig

Rev. Karen Linsley

Rev. Karen Paschal

Rev. Karen Romestan

Rev. Karen Tudor

Rev. Karen Wiley

Rev. Karen Wolfson

Rev. Karyl Huntley

Rev. Karyn Bradley

Rev. Kathleen Sibley

Rev. Kathryn Leeman

Rev. Kathy Engelhardt

Rev. Kathy Fernandez

Rev. Kathy McCall

Rev. Kathy Rowe

Rev. Kayla Rose Carroll

Rev. Kelly Thomas

Rev. Kevin Bucy

Rev. Kevin Rice

Rev. Kristina Collins

Rev. Kurt Condra

Rev. Kyra Baehv

Rev. Lalena Barnes

Rev. Lanette Howard

Rev. Lara Brzezinski

Rev. Lari Goold

Rev. Larry Schellink

Rev. Lee Blaisdell

Rev. Lee Wolak

Rev. Leonard Klein

Rev. LeRoy Zemke

Rev. Leslie Massopust

Rev. Liesa Garcia

Rev. Linda Carlisle

Rev. Linda Finley

Rev. LInda Fisher

Rev. Linda Foreman

Rev. Linda Losey

Rev. Linda Machesic

Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett

Rev. Linda Taylor

Rev. Linda Wilson

Rev. Lisa Davis

Rev. Lisa Howard

Rev. Lisa Stewart-de Snoo

Rev. Liz Crisostomo

Rev. Liz Luoma

Rev. Lola Wright

Rev. Lori Hisson

Rev. Louis Gates

Rev. Lynne Falconer

Rev. Maggie Buck

Rev. Maggie Wattle

Rev. Mahala Connally

Rev. Mara Pennell

Rev. Marcia Griffin

Rev. Marcia MacLean

Rev. Marciah McCartney

Rev. Margaret Flick

Rev. Margaret Hiller

Rev. Margaret Palagye

Rev. Marge Brown

Rev. Marigene DeRusha

Rev. Marilyn Lewis

Rev. Marilynn Mattox

Rev. Mark Anthony Lord

Rev. Marla Mason

Rev. Marquita Pierre-McAlister

Rev. Marsha Meghdadpour

Rev. Martha Quintana

Rev. Martin Preston

Rev. Marty Bacher

Rev. Mary Hart

Rev. Mary Lacalle

Rev. Mary Masters

Rev. Mary Mitchell

Rev. Mary Murray Shelton

Rev. Maryanne McPherson-Boynton

Rev. Marybelle Dilts

Rev. Maryum Morse

Rev. Matt Starcher

Rev. Maureen Hoyt

Rev. Maurice Gurette

Rev. Meg Kinzer

Rev. Meghan Smith

Rev. Melaine Burns

Rev. Melanie Eyre

Rev. Mendhi Audlin

Rev. Merry Shaver

Rev. Michael Benson

Rev. Michael Brooks

Rev. Michael DiFebo

Rev. Michael Gott

Rev. Michael McMorrow

Rev. Michael Mirdad

Rev. Michael Sternlieb

Rev. Michele Synegal

Rev. Michele Whittington

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

Rev. Mike Irwin

Rev. Milledge Mosby

Rev. Mindy Tucker

Rev. Mitch Johnson

Rev. Moira Foxe

Rev. Molly Cameron

Rev. Molly Rockey

Rev. Moria Foxe

Rev. Muata Rasuli

Rev. Nancy Caldwell

Rev. Nancy Ennis

Rev. Nancy Oristaglio

Rev. Nancy Stepp

Rev. Nancy Worth

Rev. Neusom Holmes

Rev. Nicole Merges

Rev. Ogun Holder

Rev. Pam Geagan

Rev. Pamela Devier

Rev. Pat Ball

Rev. Pat Brown

Rev. Pat Lansky

Rev. Pat Williamson

Rev. Patri Hildreth

Rev. Patricia Bass

Rev. Patricia Bessey

Rev. Patricia Edwards

Rev. Patricia Generes

Rev. Patrick Cameron

Rev. Patrick McAndrew

Rev. Patrick Soran

Rev. Patti Mercapo

Rev. Pattie Weber

Rev. Patty Becker

Rev. Patty Rumpza

Rev. Paul Roach

Rev. Paul Tenaglia

Rev. Paula Mekdeci

Rev. Penny Ware Ashby

Rev. Penny Werth

Rev. Phillip Smedstad

Rev. Polly Dozier

Rev. Rafe Ellis

Rev. Rainbow Johnson

Rev. Ray Nelson

Rev. Rebecca Allen

Rev. Renee Brooks

Rev. Renee Leboa

Rev. Rich Broderhausen

Rev. Richard Bunch

Rev. Richard Burdick

Rev. Richard Kiefer

Rev. Richard Levy

Rev. Richard Semple

Rev. Robert Brzezinski

Rev. Robert Deen

Rev. Robert Wheeler

Rev. Rodney Gittens

Rev. Ron Fox

Rev. Ron Neff

Rev. Rose Whitham

Rev. Roxanne Buckle

Rev. Russell Heiland

Rev. Ruth Littlejohn

Rev. Sandie Vanik

Rev. Sandra Hopper

Rev. Sandra Malbon

Rev. Sandra McKinney

Rev. Sandy Carriere

Rev. Sandy Diamond

Rev. Sandy Smith

Rev. Sandy Souder

Rev. Sara Nichols

Rev. Saudra Soley Keep

Rev. Scott Schell

Rev. Shad Groverland

Rev. Sharon Allmond

Rev. Sharon Dunn

Rev. Sharon Ketchum

Rev. Shawn Moninger

Rev. Sheila Anderson

Rev. Sheila Pierce

Rev. Shell Redfern

Rev. Sherrie Quander

Rev. Sheryl Myers

Rev. Sheryl Padgett

Rev. Shirley Bowman

Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband

Rev. Sophia Falke

Rev. Stephanie Seigh

Rev. Stephanie Sorensen

Rev. Stephen Kosmyna

Rev. Stephen Rambo

Rev. Steve Bolen

Rev. Steve Colladay

Rev. Steven Van Meter

Rev. Sue Baggett Spears

Rev. Suellen Miller

Rev. Susan Gumm

Rev. Susan Peters

Rev. Suzanne Leonard

Rev. Suzanne O'Hara

Rev. Suzette Wehunt

Rev. Tanya Wyldflower

Rev. Temple Hayes

Rev. Terrence Padgett

Rev. Terry Murray

Rev. Terry Shea

Rev. Tim Lytle

Rev. Tom Wendt

Rev. Toni Fish

Rev. Toni Stephens Coleman

Rev. Tony Bradford

Rev. Tony Crapolicchio

Rev. Tony Roebuck

Rev. Trish Hall

Rev. Ute Maria Cedilla

Rev. Valerie Reeves

Rev. Vicky Elder

Rev. Victoria Bunch

Rev. Walt Brewer

Rev. Wanda Bedinghaus

Rev. William Heller

Spiritual Leaders

Wendy McCloy

Roxanne Buckle

For all other Prosperity Plus Program questions and support, please contact:

Rev. Colleen Schuerlein
Ministries Program Director
Mobile 503-860-2049
Business 503-922-3460