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Like the first program, Prosperity Plus II is taught "virtually" by Mary Morrissey and is some of her best work in 30 years! This program is full of ALL NEW, fresh, highly transformational curriculum, designed to take your life and church to even greater heights!

With This Program, Instructors Will Receive:

  • One Instructor Package

    10 program videos, Genevieve Behrand's book "Your Invisible Power," additional class materials and Instructor Guidebook

  • One Participant Package

    Audio messages from the 10 videos, Genevieve Behrand's book "Your Invisible Power," additional class materials and Participant Guidebook

  • Downloadable Professional Marketing Materials
    Included is thousands of dollars worth of marketing materials, copy writing, graphic design excellence, and expert sales & enrollment strategy.
    • Gorgeously designed fliers and posters
    • A highly effective e-mail campaign
    • Pre-written powerful pulpit announcements
    • A pulpit video invitation by Mary Morrissey to make it super-easy to invite participation from your congregation if you use video power point during service
    • Attractive bulletin blurbs, and more!


NOTE: This option is for those who plan to teach the class online,
not in a church setting.

Digital Download

This option includes your own personal Prosperity Plus II Member Website with online videos to play during each class, MP3 audio files of each teaching, and materials and Guidebooks PDFs to print each week for the Instructor and access to the complete curriculum that the Participants receive, and more.

The Digital Version Is Recommended If:
  • You are "tech savvy" and comfortable with online technology and downloading files
  • You are already teaching other classes or webinars online
  • You have a reliable high-speed internet connection and access to print out the Guidebook
  • You prefer online videos, portable MP3 and PDF files

Step 1

Simply click the button below to enroll and order your Digital Instructor Package.

Step 2

Participants who enroll in your online class will order their own digital materials.

Click the button below to download an Instruction Form to share with Participants with information on how to purchase their Participant Packages online.

Step 3

Begin to promote your class.

Circulation Agreement

Just like Prosperity Plus I, your church agrees to tithe 10% each week to LSTW Management, LLC based on the total amount tithed to your church by the participants during the Prosperity Plus II Program.

For Prosperity Plus Program questions and support,
please contact:

Rev. Colleen Schuerlein
Ministries Program Director
Phone: 503-922-3460 Ext. 106